Welcome To Bangalore Youth Football League

BYFL is an academy that imparts the love of football to youngsters. Our Academy is now accredited under All India Football Federation. And through the sport teaches them critical life lessons like the pursuit of excellence, team work, how to face wins and losses, and the importance of striving for ones personal best. BYFL have taken on one of the most beautiful, powerful, and influential positions a person can ever have.

Learning to score a goal on the field flawlessly is important. Educating kids on how to achieve ones goals in life is far more so. We at BYFL, bring you the latest coaching methodologies for our budding football stars. Our personal feedback system ensures a fun and exciting environment of learning for our students. Through our low kids to coaches ratio, we help all our students to improve according to their individual needs. The exercises involve the latest equipments and training plans focused on holistic development of our young players under a system that combines all aspects of the beautiful game - technical, tactical, physical, mental and social.

Sports Coaching

Some people may call it a job, and others a profession, but in reality, being a great coach is not that at all, by becoming a coach, we have chosen to work with young athletes. We have chosen to guide them through the trials and tribulations of learning two beautiful games: sport and life. We are in a position to change their lives forever, not only by making those better athletes, but better people. We are a leader, we are a role model, we are a person who serves your athletes, and we are a person to whom they entrust their physical and emotional well-being.

Every player we coach, we leave a lasting impact. There is no way around this; we will influence every player we come in contact with. What will our influence be? Will it be something positive and affirming that bolsters the athletes and serves them throughout life? Will it be a more fulfilling experience for children, more enjoyable, and more successful



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